“Through Ellen’s Ears” Part 2

The family is one of nature’s masterpieces (George Santayana, quote). Family has an enormous role in each person’s life. Each decision that family makes has a certain influance on us. In these short film we have a bearing on Ellen’s family. In this case Ellen has disabilities and she is differ from others because of the lack of ability of hearing and speaking. Her family should always be by her side and reassure her. Unfortunately, Ellen is deprived of parental help. She wants to learn to speak and to hear and she is ready to overcome all the possible difficulties. Her family is suppressing her instead of giving wings. They say that Ellen can not get rid of her disabilities. After being the vitness of this sad story we highlight the role of a family in our life and we understand that even in a very hard moment we have to be with our family members.

In every case people should have their right position in the society in spite of their physical and mental disabilities and they should not be marked as unavailing ones. The right attitude of the society is remarkably noted in this short movie. One of the apparent examples is the moment when girls’ instructor is helping them patiently without mocking them. Another notable view is the one when the girls are trying to explain to the shop assistant what they would like to buy. The seller is helping them with love and great patience. We are also the witness of a little case when another customer is conscientiously helping the girls, explaining to the seller that they want to know the receipt of a chow. In every situation it is very important to respect the people with disabilities and not to forget that they also are members of society and they must be treated equally.

To sum up it can be surely say that each person has a certain capacity, which is somehow hidden. They just need to find it and use truly in order to achieve. This short movie is really teaching one and it is very similar to our reality. It is easily understood from the movie that the society seems to be divided into two groups of people: those who have appropriate abilities but they do not use it and those who are unfortunately deprived of it but they have great desire of using it. I really enjoyed this short movie as it was a unique, nice and heart touching one. I would definitely recommend everyone to watch it, to deepen in it and finally remember forever that willpower is the best key to success in this life.

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