Should the government provide Free university education

The government should provide free university education in order to escape from corruption which has become a very widespread phenomenon in these days. Think of a situation  when the student studies in a system which requires  a payment. The students tries to do  his/her best to rich success and be the best one. Unfortunately, all is in vain, because a “representative” of a wealthy family, who are not eager to learn, has paid beforehand for the place which is anticipated to be for the student who really has  ability and  aspiration for learning and who is really worth.  It is one of the disadvantages of universities in our country. To solve the problem we just need to take steps to prevent the so called corruption in order to have a high level of education and well-educated student.

Davit Sahakyan, one of the Deputy Ministers of Ministry of Education and Science of Armenia believes that providing free education for students is necessary but the government cannot afford free education for all the students because it cannot meet its other expenses. She mentions that the government can only take few measures which would help those eligible students. It can also set up some organizations which actually serve as a bridge between those who are willing to support the education of the poor people and those young aspirants who are in need of help.  In spite of the facts mentioned above, the vast majority of Armenians are for the argument, that university education should be free. It is also clear, that  in this case there must be same limitations as well in order to avoid from the undesirable consequences which are not excluded. For example, in many European countries, all the students enter university without examinations. The first year students study just from September to May. In the end of the May those students who have enough abilities, continue to study, others just leave the university. It is a variant which is really useful. It enables to respect the rights of students who really want to study.

To sum up we can surely say that higher education means good jobs and employment. If more people are highly educated, people will be more considerate, responsible, independent. All people should be given the rights to free education to get rid of poverty and inhumanity. It doesn’t mean people who aren’t educated are inhumane. Of course, there are some people out there who are way more intelligent and ethical then people who are educated. In the end, the only thing which must be always remembered is that “Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today” (Malcolm X, quote).

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