The Most Beautiful Thing

The Most Beautiful Thing is a film written, directed and edited by Cameron Cavell telling the unlikely love story of two teenagers played by Nick Lopez and Annalisa Gutierrez. The film tells the story of a teenage boy named Brandon and a deaf girl, called Emily. It is easily understood that Brandon is a lonely, as he is always alone and isolated with emotional and sad music. His life is very uninteresting and tedious. He even does not have any friends. But the prom, the most awaited event of the year is started but he has nobody with whom he can go there. One day Brandon met a deaf girl from his school. They friendship started from a bench and made Brandon’s life colorful and exciting. Shortly after their newly formed relationships when Brandon saw how a boy kissed Emily. He ran away from there, with his eyes full of tears. But Brandon was constantly thinking about Emily. It was impossible to forget her. Sometime later they met and a miracle happened.
The right choice of music, the producer’s analysis and the skilful and convincing play of the actors make a combination which has a great influence on everyone.
The music plays an important and notable role in the movie. It is key to this short film as dialogue is not used often and when it is used it is minimal. The music then becomes the narrator of the film as it tells the audience how Brandon feels. The music used is orchestral and quite beautiful which adds to the whole warm and uplifting feel to the film. The dialogue that is used however is usually in the form of writing as Brandon and Emily “talk” to each other by writing in a notebook so that Emily can participate too. Besides music, there is another notable change in the film. It is how the camera shots are used before and after Brandon meets Emily. Before the first meeting, the shots used are quite slow and reflect the feeling and music at this point. After the meeting however the shots become quicker and more lively changing as the music does to fit the feelings and emotions of Brandon. This once again helps to narrate the story due to the lack of dialogue.

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