In the result of the right analysis of producer

In the result of the right analysis of producer, the importance and advantage of a man on the earth, becomes clear for each of us. It is brightly expressed in this short movie. The producer proves once more that one of the important things is to respect the people with disabilities and not to forget that they are also members of society and they must be treated equally. Emily HAD disability, but she does not portray herself as a victim. Having a disease or disability must not prevent you from living a normal life. It does not stop you from being you. Instead, it makes you become a stronger person. In spite of the grievous conditions, Emily was always smiling. There was hope in her eyes. After watching this short film we learn the importance of not judging a book by its cover and not conforming to the stereotypes set by society around people with disabilities.

The film is crafted so nicely that it will touch your heart and the actors did a wonderful job to carry the right emotion. The actors play their roles as naturally that it seems they are in real life. They play so skillfully, that we forget about the fact they are actors and think they really have disabilities. Only at the end of the film we understand that it is just a film, they are just actors. But at the same time everything is so convincing that we do not suspect at all that the film is based on real facts and unfortunately, people like them are many in our surroundings.

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