Globally the educational system consists of standardized tests. Those tests are designed to measure learners ability and knowledge. The learner is clever enough or not, or the learner understands the course material properly will be shown by test grades. Higher are the grades, smarter is the student. But knowledge is not something that can be measured by scores.It is the information and experience we have in us. As Plato says ” A good decision is based on knowledge and not on numbers”. So, in reality standardized testing teaches learners what to think, instead of how to think, forces them to get into a mental pressure, and makes the aim of the learning process memorizing the material which will be forgotten after tests.
Critical thinking is essential for every field we are facing in life. We need it to solve different kinds of problems, to examine situations from multiple perspectives and to develop persuasive arguments. To promote critical thinking, learners should know how to think. ”Standardized test scores measure superficial thinking”( ”Standardized testing and its victims” by Alfie Kohn). The tests do not give students a chance to show their points of view. What they need is just to learn the course material by heart. Sometimes they should write the expected answer, though being against it, in order to get higher marks. Superficial thinking is a disturbing factor for learners, because it is the so called ”enemy” for the skills learners may need in the future, like problem solving ability.

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