Parents believe that exam results will have a bearing on their young child’s

Parents believe that exam results will have a bearing on their young child’s future and understandably want them to do well.The children are also well-aware that their performance on the SATs is important to their teachers and parents. Teachers may unwittingly transmit the stress they are under to their pupils. Children can also pick up on their parents’ attitudes and associated behavior and feel under pressure to make them proud ( ”This is the psychological effect standardized testing has on children”, by Laura Nicholson). So, in this case standardized testing causes stress. As we know too much stress causes psychological and physical harm. Some learners may experience headaches, stomach aches or nausea. There is also a probability that learners may have some difficulties while focusing and paying attention to the test because of mental pressure. While writing our test, we had students among us who fainted during the examination because of stress. As the grades are very imortant for learners and they want to be the best in their group a failue will be more stressful for them. As a result, they think of different ways to cheat, in order to get a higher grades. In this case, the knowledge is not important for them. While trying to copy, they also have fear of being caught by teachers. Stress caused by standardized tests may cause very serious health problems, like sleep and appetite disorders.
”Standardized tests play a major role in education today, whether they are achievement tests measuring subject-specific knowledge or aptitude tests measuring scholastic readiness. The goal of the assessments is to provide a yardstick to evalute student performance across state standards ”( ”Do Standardized Tests Show an Accurate View of Students’ Abilities?”, by Room 241 Team). But the main aim of students is not to get a standardized education. They need to learn what is really crucial, and what they can use in their future workplace. Because of the standardized tests, the whole class turns to be a ” learning for a test” activity and the whole period of study consists of preparing for the test and revising the material. So learners spend all their time preparing for the test and they have nearly no time to get stable knowledge which they can use in life. The teaching process should be based on experience. Standardized tests are against the practice. For them we need just learning- memorizing- forgetting- and learning for the next tests. It should give the learners an opportunity to use what they have studied during the course and to realize that the data is not for the test, but for their professional advancement․
Today education needs more creative ways for gaining knowledge. Focusing on grades, students forget about the real education they need. They have no likelihood to use their knowledge in real purposes and they are not ready for their future work. Standardized tests and grades according them interfere the learning process and, at the same time, cause some health problems. To have an enduring knowledge we need experience, to perform better during practice we need to know how to solve different kinds problems.So for this reason we do not need standardized tests which make learners act like robots.

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