New year. It is a time when everyone deep in their hearts believe in magic. And the mood of New Year ensures th surroundings preparing for the very much expected holiday. Different parts of the world celebrate New Year’s Eve in various and unique ways. In Armenia the center of New Year’s mood is its capital city: Yerevan. At New Year’s Eve the city is filled with magic. There are divergent, extraordinary, but at the same time wonderful Christmas trees around the capital, a marvelous Ice City, Winter park with the breath of the distant Lapland and a group of Santa Clauses running all over the city.
The so called harbinger of the New year’s Eve at Yerevan is the Yerevan Christmas Market, which opens at the beginning of December every year. It is placed on the Nothern Avenue: the most significant and luxurious place in the city. The Yerevan Christmas Market will have about 30 or more chalets(wood cabins) with different things for sale, such as handmade Christmas gifts, souveniers, dried fruits, chocolates, Armenian wine, etc. There are weird and charming Christmas trees around the Northern Avenue. For examples one of the Christmas trees there, was made of huge ”Sorini” candies. The symbol of New year and the main Christmas tree of the city is the one standing on the very heart of Yerevan: on the Republic Square. It is huge Christmas tree of about 30meters of height. Because of the conservative nature of Armenians, the decoration of the tree, such as the lights and other ornaments, has remained unchanged for over 6 years.

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