One of the worth to be visited attractions in Yerevan at New Year’s Eve is the Ice City

It is installed on the Freedom square: just behind the Opere House. The Ice City makes the impression that the talented Snow Queen has just gone through the Freedom Square on her way turning the white snow into a stunning castle and the ice into different crystal creatures. Around the Ice castle we can meet the friends of Snow White: hardworking dwarves around their little icy huts, the pretty Girl and the Old Man from an old Armenian cartoon ”The Found Dream”, little adorable deers and a brave rooster. Not onle the Snow White has gone through Yerevan, but also the real Santa Claus himself. As last year winter was so frosty in Armenia Santa Claus moved here and he has spent winter in the Winter Park: Yerevan. The Winter Park offers visiters an ice rink, various entartaining shows and surprises for children. Here you not only will have the chance to meet Santa Claus and his magical and wonderful reindees, you may also take ride with him, bake some cookies with the kindest Ms. Claus, play with elvish and cheerful elves and also take a few elfies( selfie taken with elves) with them. But all the activities in the Winter Park are not free of charge. Maybe Santa Claus and its staff need money to go back to Lapland.
There is nothing better than local. Armenian Santa Clauses are the healthiest and the best. They do not need reindees, because they like running. Every year, less than a week before the New Year, the ”Yerevan Half Marathon” organizes a charitable New Year run in the center of Yerevan. All the participants are provided with Santa customes: a red suit with white fur lining and a black belt, and a red hat again with white fur lining. It is a great sight to see a lot of Santas running with happy faces. Every year the Christmas mood also visits all the shopes of the city. Each of them differs with their unusual and creative Christmas decorations. In the middle of December the festive lights illuminations of Yerevan are switched on. It is like a real miracle wandering in Yerevan when that lights are on. It makes you feel a part of a Christmas tale, where even the carziest wishes can turn into a reality.
To feel the magic of the New Year, you should go for a walk in Yerevan with your loved ones. Even the chilly winter can not disturb you to enjoy all the decorations of the city. New Year’s Eve is the warmest period of the year. Everyone become kinder and happier. An maybe the secret of this is that the New Year’s magic enters the inner world of people, through the vivid and vibrant ornaments of the city. Wandering through Yerevan at New Year’s Eve, do not forget to find the Christmas magic.

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