This story holds in it the meaning of FAMILY

As a wise man says: ” Family is not just those who share your blood, it’s those who you share your life with”. The movie is the exact interpretation of this quote. When her own son has no time for her, a machine becomes her family, who always takes care of her and loves her, making her each day more meaningful. In a world full of people they have only each other to worry about and take care of. But thay are happy for having one another in their lives.
Robots are supposed to be machines without any human feelings. The movie makes audience believe that each creature in the world, even robots, can have all the moral values and feelings, which are considered the monopoly of humans. When the whole world, even own child, has turned its back on her, a machine came to complete her family and share its life with her unconditionally.
She gave life to her child, but he can not find some time for his mother. And she gave nothing to the robot, but it is ready to spend all its time with her. So family is not just in blood or in people, it is in anybody, animals or robots, who are ready to share all of their times with you.

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